Friday, May 29, 2009

feeling the love

Over a six month period, Dara Siegel and Rebecca Cascio worked side by side with me bringing my work together into a cohesive collection of images that represented my personal style and strengthened my appeal in the market.  With tight editing and a one-on-one approach, they created a new website and portfolio design that work together to define and communicate my photographic style. Dara's extensive knowledge of the photography business and Rebecca's eye for editing, has helped bring my work to another level and reach broader audiences. 

- daeja fallas

fantastic work. rebecca is a creative genius! when she looked at my photography, she came back with so many amazing concepts and ideas. every single one was a home run!!!  most importantly the response i got from the e-promo was overwhelming. i had a huge increase in website hits. she comes highly, highly recommended! i guarantee, you won't be disappointed.

- amanda friedman

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